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Lost something?

If you feel like you lost something in one of our cabs, the sooner you call us, the better. We'll assist you in any way possible to help you find your belongings. Always call before visiting our offices for lost and found items.

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What do I do if I've left an item in a cab?

If you feel like you've left something in one of our cabs, the best thing to do is to take action fast...
1) Give us all the details below - That way, if we have it, we can match it up quickly and get it back to you.
2) Call us immediately - We'll do our best to get in touch with the cab driver, to see if your item was found.
Regardless if you have reported an item missing or not, our drivers are trained and required to secure items that they have discovered lost in their cab. Drivers will turn them into our lost and found department at the end of their shift before going home for the day.

How do I retrieve my lost item(s)?

The drivers turn in lost items at the end of their shift. We keep tight controls over our lost and found department in order to protect peoples lost belongings. if we have your item(s), they will be available for pickup at our offices between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm, Monday - Friday. Please call ahead of time to ensure that your item was found and will be ready for pickup. If you were simply visiting Las Vegas and the item isn't located before you leave town, we can make other arrangements with you to get your lost belongings returned to you.
For fastest results, please give us the basic info below: