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Our courteous and professional drivers are available 24/7 to take you where you need to go in Las Vegas.

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"Nellis Cab rocks my socks off! Not only was my ride from the Venetian to the airport speedy but the driver was super nice and conversational. Unfortunately my iPhone fell out of my pocket when I exited at the airport BUT I called and left a message with their Lost & Found department and they sent it back to me! Best cab company ever!" - Danielle B.
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Why use a Taxi in Las Vegas?

Whether for business or pleasure, taxi cabs with professional drivers are the safest and most convenient form of transportation when visiting Las Vegas. From the moment you land in Las Vegas, taxis are right there waiting for you. Often times, it's also the least expensive. Unlike Uber and other Transportation Network Companies, that have "surge pricing" during the busy times, Taxicabs have the same low fare at ALL times, day or night - Even during the busiest conventions and special events. Shuttles will cost you money for each person in your party and leave you waiting up to an hour or longer to get you to your destination. Rental cars cost you daily whether you're using them or not and you to have worry about finding parking spaces when you get where you're going. With taxicabs, there's always an available driver waiting for you at the airport and each strip hotel to pick you up, and they'll drop you off right at the front door of your destination. Just come out the hotel doors and hop right in for a quick ride to your destination.

If you're a Las Vegas local, we can come to your house or pick you up and drop you off anywhere you need to go. If you're unable to drive after a night out or just need a fast and direct ride where you need to go, we're a reliable and easy to understand transportation service to get you where you need to be.

Thank you for riding with us...

"Arben Suleymani was my driver in cab 704 to the Monte Carlo Resort. Excellent ride from airport. Unfortunately I left my carry on bag in the cab. Arben realized I left it in his cab, the bag contained my Canadian passport and all my spending money. He brought the bag back to the hotel and stayed & waited for me. What an excellent driver he was! I want you to be proud of your employees. Thank you Arben. You made my stay in Las Vegas! - Wendy T.
"Just want to thank Nellis Cab.. I dropped my phone in the cab on my way to the airport. The driver turned in my phone to the office. The office got in touch with a contact on my phone. That contact called me, I called Nellis Cab. They had my phone and they sent it to me FREE OF CHARGE. I got my phone back...THANK YOU NELLIS CAB... ESP THE CAB DRIVER!" - Diana K.
"Awesome driver! Flew in from Toronto today. Probably the most honest driver I've ever encountered. The first time I have ever NOT gotten "taken for a ride" on the way back from the airport. He drove me to the Palazzo, and got me there in good time. Handled my bags nicely. As an added bonus we had a nice conversation about life in Canada, and he and the cab smelled good - unlike the usual cigarette stench that it seems other drivers have. Kudos to Nellis Cab for hiring honest driver. " - Merina B.
"A small electronic device fell out of my backpack in the back of a Nellis cab last week. I phoned and left a message in Lost and Found; they phoned me back the next day and asked me for a description. They spent $5.80 (plus their time) to send it back to me - all of that during the chaotic convention week. Excellent customer service. The cab ride was good as well. " - John W.
"Our Cab driver was awesome! We needed a cab ride to Rock in Rio... Called ahead and ordered the Cab who got us there fast and dropped us off right at the VIP entrance. From the call in to the drop off our experience was perfect. I really like using this company!" - Juliann W.
"I had an excellent experience with Nellis Cab. I had to go from Greyhound Bus on Main to the Riviera and a Nellis cab happened to show up while I was waiting for one of his competitors. The cabbie provided excellent service at a very reasonable price and I will use them again upon my departure from Vegas." - Eric C.
"On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we rode in a Nellis Cab Company vehicle to our hotel from the ariport. We were overcharged by the driver...and he alone, not the company. We wrote the cab company with all the details and our receipts explaining what had happened. In a short two weeks, we received a lovely letter from their Human Resource Manager and a FULL refund for the trip! Obviously the management of this company cannot be with every driver all the time...but their actions exemplified to us that they are indeed a very reputable company! I 'd use them anytime!" - Peter F.
"Kudos to Nellis Cab Co., I lost my wallet when I was already at the vegas airport on my way back home. Then the next day they called me saying their cab driver found it on the backseat and turned it in to their lost and found dept. They shipped my wallet back to me free of charge and got it in the mail after 2 days and everything was still intact. Sorry I didn't remember who the cab driver was as well as the cab # but whoever he is thanks so much, you will be blessed in another way. Didn't expect this can still happen nowadays, specially in vegas! If people are honest like this, life would be super easy. Many thanks once again!" - Johannes A.

A Ride Down the Las Vegas Strip

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